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Meet Alcove: The Recliner Redefining Comfort and Safety with Inset Hardware

We are proud to introduce the latest innovation in our recliner line, Alcove. This new model is crafted with unique inset hardware, designed to address specific challenges encountered in healthcare settings.

After years of observation and feedback from nursing staff in numerous hospitals, we recognized a frequent issue with traditional recliners: exposed hardware often catches on IV lines, air hoses, and bed wires. To resolve this, we developed the Alcove Recliner, incorporating enhanced features that significantly reduce these risks.

Key Features of the Alcove Recliner include:

  1. Inset Footrest Handle: Positioned to prevent damage to walls and doors, and to minimize the risk of entangling medical equipment or clothing.

  2. Inset Finger Pull: Further reduces the likelihood of snagging clothes or equipment.

  3. Inset Casters: Available in two options—standard locking casters that manually lock with a foot pedal for each caster, or an advanced central locking system. For models with the central system, the activation handle is conveniently located on the upper arm and inset, mitigating the risk of catching on patient attire or medical lines, thus enhancing safety and preserving facility walls from damage.

  4. Waterfall Footrest Cover: Covers the gap between footrests when extended, preventing items or limbs from getting caught.

The Alcove Recliner is crafted prioritizing the comfort, safety, and peace of mind of both patients and caregivers, promoting a more secure and effective healing environment. This recliner embodies our dedication to innovation and quality, tailored to meet the demands of healthcare facilities and improve patient care.

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